PHOTO ORGANIZER-Daily photo and video stories

Timebox® Version 3.0 is an iPhone and iPad app that automatically organizes your photos and videos, including Live Photos into daily stories, so you can quickly find, enjoy and share them.

Timebox lets you enhance your stories by adding captions, places, details, tags and titles, which it can automatically include from your Calendar.

Timebox helps you effortlessly replay today’s stories, rediscover the ones you haven’t seen in years, and entertain your friends and family by sharing what you did yesterday and today.

Replay your day. Replay your life.



Organizes For You

Timebox automatically organizes your entire Photo Library into daily photo and video stories so you can enjoy them.

Timebox is a private, ad-free app that's especially useful if you’re using iCloud Photo Library because it handles the explosion of photos and videos from all your devices, cameras and computers so you can find them fast. Getting to the month/year you want is easy via the Timebox timeline.


Titles, Dates, Places, Tags, Details

Using your Calendar app entries, Timebox automatically adds titles to each day’s stories so you can search for and remember the day.

For those who want more, Timebox lets you enhance your photos and videos by adding captions, places, details and tags.

It's easy to customize your stories by moving your photos and videos around, adding photos and vidoes from other stories and Shared Photo Albums. 




Shareable Videos

You can make shareable videos of each day's stories for friends & family by simply tapping a button.

Timebox stitches together your photos, videos and Live Photos from any story into a single video for fast, easy sharing with your friends and family.

Share your day any way you like.


Keep. Print. Post.

You can share any way you like through Mail, Message, iCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, WhatsApp and more.

Timebox also lets you create beautifully designed PDFs so you can keep, share and print your daily photo and video stories.



SYNC with iCLoud

If you are using iCloud Photo Library to sync your photos to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, Timebox also uses iCloud to sync your stories and edits across all your iOS devices.