Photo Journal 

The Timebox app for iPhones and iPads automatically creates a personal journal from your photos, videos and calendar. 

  • Timebox instantly organizes the thousands of photos and videos in your Camera Roll and Photo Library into daily photo stories.
  • You  add as many of your own words as you want to each story.
  • Make stitched-together slideshow videos of one story or a combination of stories.
  • Share your stories and videos when you want.
  • Produce ebooks, hardcover books and other printed gifts from any single story or a combination of stories.
  • Sync via iCloud to all your devices.

Take photos and videos of your travels, adventures, events, family and friends as usual. Add your writing. Timebox does the organizing and sharing. You keep the memories. Simple.

No extra sign ups, accounts or passwords. No uploading. Your photos stay in your Camera Roll and Photo Library. No ads.  


"This Genius App Will Organize All Your Vacation Photos" -- Budget Travel
"How amazing to have an app to sort photos for you ... And the best part is .. No ads thanks again."
"This is a excellent way to visually search all my photos! I really appreciate this app and feel like I can finally FIND a photo when I want too!"
"Love the app! It's almost addicting."


Here's the full list of what's new:

  • Increased size of timeline images.
  • Changed print button on timeline to “Select”, moved up next to search button
  • Added support for making a video from multiple stories from timeline via new Select / share button.
  • Added video making support for text blocks, including animated scrolling for very large text blocks.
  • Added captions and locations to zoomed photo mode.
  • Improved database performance and fixed some bugs.

How TIMebox works for you

  • Timebox automatically organizes all of your photos & videos, in your Camera Roll and Photo Library including Live Photos into daily photo stories
  • Timebox also automatically finds entries in your Calendar and suggests titles for your daily stories, making it much easier to remember and find a trip or event.
  • Naturally Timebox adds GPS location names to stories, but it also divides stories into sub-sections by location to support busy travel days when you go to multiple places in one day.
  • And Timebox properly handles time zones so photos are put in the correct day’s story, even when you’re traveling across the globe.

Write your stories and customize your timebox

  • Add as many of your own words as you want to each story including captions, titles, locations, dates and tags. 
  • Your text can go almost anywhere to make stories that interleave photos and text.
  • Customize any story by changing the order of the photos, hiding them (without deleting them), or adding photos from another story.
  • Make new stories by selecting photos & videos from any date, story or stories and combining them into a single story.

The beauty of the Timebox timeline and search

  • Rather than a big endless grid of photos, Timebox gives you a scrolling timeline of your stories including one key photo of your choosing per story, its title, date and location.
  • Tapping and viewing a Timebox story shows the photos and text elegantly arranged and formatted, instead of a boring grid of thumbnails.
  • By just tapping the Timebox timeline year and month chooser, you can immediately scroll to a specific year or month, much more efficiently than the Photos app.
  • You can of course instantly search for any text, tags or locations in your stories.



Share Your stories and Make video stories

  • Share your stories and videos when you want via Mail (including MailDrop), Message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and most social networks.
  • With one tap, you can make and share a stitched-together video story of any Timebox photo story, including the all photos, videos and Live Photos, plus their titles, captions and locations - no editing necessary.
  • With a few more taps, you can make a video of a combination of stories.
  • Timebox also creates beautifully designed PDFs so you can keep, share and print your daily photo stories.


With Timebox it's effortless to make and buy printed items created with your photos:

  • Hardcover photo story books,
  • Cases and folios for phones and tablets,
  • Posters,
  • Individual photo prints,
  • Stickers,
  • Magnets.

You can use  Apple Pay™, PayPal or credit cards for your purchases.

You can also:

  • Make your own PDF ebooks.
  • Print your photo stories on your own printer.